Ieke van den Burg Prize

Ieke van den Burg Prize

The ASC awards an annual prize to recognise outstanding research conducted by young scholars on a topic related to the ESRB’s mission.

The prize was established in memory of Ieke van den Burg, who was a member of the inaugural ASC between 2011 and 2014 and a member of the European Parliament between 1999 and 2009. Ms van den Burg was dedicated to the notion that finance should serve society, and the prize is administered in that spirit.

Edition 2023

Awarded paper

Systemic Climate Risk

Tristan Jourde, Quentin Moreau


Presentation of the awarded paper by Quentin Moreau and Tristan Jourde

Edition 2020

Awarded paper

Multiple Credit Constraints and Time-Varying Macroeconomic Dynamics
Marcus Mølbak Ingholt

Virtual award ceremony (1 October 2020)

Edition 2019
Edition 2017

Awarded paper

Compressing over-the-counter markets
Marco D’Errico, Tarik Roukny