Reports of the ESRB

The ESRB publishes reports on potential systemic risks arising in the financial sector. The ESRB General Board may give expert groups specific mandates in relation to assessing these risks. The expert groups are set up with the assistance of the Advisory Technical Committee (ATC) or the Advisory Scientific Committee (ASC), or both.

16 January 2019
Expected credit loss approaches in Europe and the United States: differences from a financial stability perspective
26 November 2018
Report on vulnerabilities in the EU commercial real estate sector
26 November 2018
Macroprudential provisions, measures and instruments for insurance
10 September 2018
EU Shadow Banking Monitor, September 2018 (no. 3)
25 April 2018
A Review of Macroprudential Policy in the EU in 2017
27 February 2018
Final report on the use of structural macroprudential instruments in the EU
17 August 2017
Regulatory risk-free yield curve properties and macroprudential consequences
17 August 2017
Recovery and resolution for the EU insurance sector: a macroprudential perspective
17 July 2017
Financial stability implications of IFRS 9
11 July 2017
Resolving non-performing loans in Europe
29 May 2017
EU Shadow Banking Monitor, May 2017 (no. 2)
21 April 2017
Revision of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation
13 April 2017
A Review of Macroprudential Policy in the EU in 2016
16 February 2017
The macroprudential use of margins and haircuts
28 November 2016
Macroprudential policy issues arising from low interest rates and structural changes in the EU financial system
28 November 2016
Vulnerabilities in the EU residential real estate sector
6 October 2016
Market liquidity and market-making
6 October 2016
Preliminary investigation into the potential impact of a leverage ratio requirement on market liquidity
27 July 2016
EU Shadow Banking Monitor, July 2016 (no. 1)
19 July 2016
Macroprudential policy beyond banking: an ESRB strategy paper
13 May 2016
A Review of Macroprudential Policy in the EU in 2015
4 January 2016
ESRB reports on residential and commercial real estate and financial stability in the EU
16 December 2015
ESRB report on systemic risks in the EU insurance sector, December 2015
25 June 2015
ESRB report: A review of macro-prudential policy in the EU one year after the introduction of the CRD/CRR
25 June 2015
ESRB report on misconduct risk in the banking sector
10 March 2015
ESRB report on the regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures, March 2015
3 March 2014
ESRB handbook on operationalising macro-prudential policy in the banking sector
3 March 2014
ESRB flagship report on macro-prudential policy in the banking sector