Policy framework

To implement the macroprudential policy framework, the ESRB has prepared the following set of documents:

Strategy paper

The ESRB stategy paper provides an overview of macroprudential policy beyond banking.

Flagship Report

The ESRB Flagship Report provides an overview of the macroprudential policy framework in the European Union for the banking sector.


The ESRB Handbook provides more detailed assistance for macroprudential authorities on how to use the instruments for the banking sector.

Addendum on macroprudential leverage ratios

The Handbook includes an addendum on macroprudential leverage ratios, which can currently be used at the discretion of EU Member States.

Decision ESRB/2015/4

Decision ESRB/2015/4 sets out the process and coordination framework for preparing ESRB opinions or issuing recommendations on macroprudential measures notified to the ESRB by relevant authorities, in line with the CRR/CRD IV. It repeals Decision ESRB/2014/2.

Decision ESRB/2021/7 introduced various amendments to ESRB/2015/4, including to take account of changes brought about by the CRR II/CRD V.