Award of the 2021 Ieke van den Burg Prize for research on systemic risk

12 July 2021

Following a highly competitive selection process involving peer reviews conducted by members of the Advisory Scientific Committee (ASC), the 2021 Ieke van den Burg Prize for research on systemic risk was awarded to Karsten Müller and Emil Verner for their paper entitled “Credit allocation and macroeconomic fluctuations”.

The prize will be awarded by means of a remote webcast, which is scheduled to take place on 1 October 2021 and will be chaired by Professor Loriana Pelizzon, Vice-Chair of the ASC. Details of the award ceremony will shortly be published on the ESRB’s website.

The ASC also decided to acknowledge the commendable quality of four additional papers, which were runners-up for the prize:

  • “Prudential policy with distorted beliefs”, by Eduardo Dávila and Ansgar Walther.
  • “Synthetic leverage and fund risk-taking”, by Daniel Fricke.
  • “A macro-finance model with realistic crisis dynamics”, by Goutham Gopalakrishna.
  • “Are fund managers rewarded for taking cyclical risk?”, by Ellen Ryan.

In addition, some of the shortlisted papers will be published as part of the ESRB Working Paper Series.

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