Estonia – 1% systemic risk buffer rate

This measure expired 01 May 2020

This measure involves the application of a 1% systemic risk buffer rate to banks’ Estonian exposures.

Recommendation ESRB/2016/4

Reciprocating countries

Last updated on 7 November 2019

The following map shows the Member States reciprocating the measure. The map also shows the Member States that chose not to reciprocate the measure in the light of currently non-material exposures. The remaining countries did not notify the ESRB of their intentions.

The following table details each Member State’s reciprocating measure.

Reciprocating countryInstitution-specific threshold[2]
Belgium€250 million
Croatia€250 million
Czech Republic[1]
Denmark€200 million
France€250 million
Latvia€1 million
Luxembourg€200 million
Malta€200 million
Sweden€200 million

[1] The targeted risks are already covered by the SyRB for the 5 systemically most important banks in the Czech Republic, as the SyRB buffer rate imposed by the Czech National Bank is at least 1% for these institutions and applies to all exposures, including cross-border exposures to counterparties established in Estonia.

[2] De minimis exemption

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