Statistics glossary



other financial intermediary (OFI)
other financial institution
OFI sector
A sub-sector defined in the ESA 2010 as consisting of other financial intermediaries (excluding insurance corporations and pension funds), financial auxiliaries and captive financial institutions and money lenders.
original maturity
maturity at issue (original maturity)
other financial intermediary (OFI)
A corporation or quasi-corporation other than an insurance corporation and pension fund that is engaged mainly in financial intermediation by incurring liabilities in forms other than currency, deposits and/or close substitutes for deposits from institutional entities other than MFIs, in particular those engaged primarily in long-term financing, such as corporations engaged in financial leasing, financial vehicle corporations created to be holders of securitised assets, financial holding corporations, dealers in securities and derivatives (when dealing for their own account), venture capital corporations and development capital companies.
other investment (in a b.o.p. context)
A residual category that includes positions and transactions other than those included in direct investment, portfolio investment, financial derivatives and employee stock options, and reserve assets.
other lending
Credit other than consumer credit and loans for house purchase that is extended to households for special purposes such as business needs, the procurement of office equipment, debt consolidation, education, the purchase of securities, etc.
other revaluations
An aggregate in monetary statistics that comprises changes in the MFI balance sheet that are due to a change in the market price of negotiable securities held, sold or issued and/or to the (partial) removal from the balance sheet of loans that are subject to write-offs or write-downs. A change in the market value of securities held, sold or issued by MFIs affects the outstanding stock of securities, in addition to actual transactions in these securities. A write-off or write-down of loans has an impact on the reported value of the outstanding amount of loans, but is not related to a change in the amount of MFI lending to the economy.